Principles of Vertx

Do you want to start reactive development with the most promising JVM framework? This book sums up my experience as a Vertx developer and contains practical notes on architecture, database access, web development and testing with Eclipse Vertx.

Table of Contents



Section A. Basic components of a reactive development with Vertx

Chapter 1. Reactive (and, or) asynchronous

Chapter 2. What is a verticle?

Chapter 3. Understanding an event loop

Chapter 4. Event bus and messaging patterns

Section B. Choosing an architecture

Chapter 5. Architectural patterns for Vertx applications

Section C. Writing web applications with Vertx

Chapter 6. Using Vertx to build an API gateway

Chapter 7. Using Vertx to build a SMTP mail service

Chapter 8. Server side validation with Vavr

Chapter 9. Using custom template engines

Chapter 10. CORS handling

Chapter 11. Using multiple routers in Vertx services

Section D. Access data sources with Vertx

Chapter 12. Work with a MySQL database

Chapter 13. Work with a CouchDB NoSQL database

Section E. Test Vertx applications

Chapter 14. Principles of unit testing

Chapter 15. Using Vertx JUnit5 library

Section F. Configure Vertx applications

Chapter 16. Using Vertx Config library

Section G. Interact with Vue.js applications

Chapter 17. Front end validation

Chapter 18. Front end caching patterns

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I don’t have to agree with a review or blog post to list it here, but it helps if I think at least some parts make sense. Few people write serious reviews these days. Any constructive feedback is always welcome. Please contact me directly if you found issues or you have a proposal.