I started to practice the ancient martial art when I was a student in Prague. During my first karate period, I attended classes under supervision of Sensei Tatsuya Saeki and was introduced to Shin karate. That was for about a year, with some minor interruptions, mainly due to studies, but I can say that I had a quite good attendance to karate classes (compare to university classes xD). Those days I interested in a new way of fitness activity – my passion was weight lifting, and I also did running. For instance, I participated in RunTour 2014 in Prague:

My results on RunTour 2014

So, after I left the dojo of sensei Tatsuya, I also tried other martial arts for some time – I did some classes in muay thai and kickboxing.

In the pandemic 2021 I started to practice Shotokan karate and as on April 2021 I hold a white belt

Since that time I had no martial arts practice, yet I always thought about restoring it. In the year 2019 I had very tough work schedule and could not attend good training. The next – 2020 – year I gave myself a promise to become fit as I was during my student times. BUT! First, the pandemy happened. Second, in the 2020 I lost a big fraction of my income. Certainly, that was a big shock for me….

….From the other side, I understand today, that it was a great lesson for me given by the Universe. I clearly decided to think about my health, my way of life, my work. And that became my second karate period, that started 14 January 2021.