Friendly Webflux

The “Friendly Webflux” book is a practical guide for Java developers, who want to develop reactive apps with Spring 5, Spring Webflux and Project Reactor. The book covers all aspects, including unit and load testing, authentication (JWT, TOTP), databases. It also deals with topics of client-side programming with Vue.js, React.js and Svelte.js

Table of Contents


Acknowledgments [PREVIEW CHAPTER]

Chapter 1. An introduction to reactive programming with Project Reactor

Chapter 2. Your first Spring Webflux REST API

Chapter 3. Annotated controllers vs. router functions

Chapter 4. How to structure Spring Webflux applications

Chapter 5. Calling external APIs with WebClient [PREVIEW CHAPTER]

Chapter 6. Server-side validation with Yavi

Chapter 7. CORS handling

Chapter 8. Error handling

Chapter 9. Authentication patterns in Spring Webflux

Chapter 10. Unit testing in Spring Webflux

Chapter 11. Load testing with Apache JMeter

Chapter 12. Working with NoSQL databases

Chapter 13. Immutables and Spring Webflux

Chapter 14. Client side caching

About the author

Source code

All source code snippets from the book are available on my Github in this repository. Feel free to use it


I don’t have to agree with a review or blog post to list it, but it helps if I think at least some parts make sense. Few people write serious reviews these days. Any constructive feedback is always welcome. Please contact me directly if you found issues or you have a proposal.