Consulting services

Hello and welcome! If you are on this page, there is [certain] probability, that you are interesting in my services. Frankly speaking, I have experience working with Django and even shipped several interesting apps with it. However, it is not my main specialization, so if you will send me such requests, I could not help you (but I would try to connect you with skilled folks).

What could I offer to you?

I can help you in following formats:

  • Architecture design (ex. migrate from monolith to cloud microservices/serverless, especially if it is in JVM->JVM)
  • Full stack application development using my specialization techs
  • Migration: typically I help to migrate Vue 2.x-> Vue 3.x, Spring/JavaEE -> Vert.x/Micronaut etc. That is something to the first point, but here I mean practical stuff (actual coding)
  • And of course, mentoring, couching and teaching mentioned techs both online and offline (in the EU mainly)

What is my specialization?

As I have mentioned already, I have a pretty good exposure to various technologies, from Django to (it is now my passion) indie gamedev with Godot and Blender. However, my specialization skills (something, why you came here) are:

  • Programming languages: Java, Kotlin, Clojure, JS, TypeScript, Python…yeah, and Groovy! (how I could forget about Groovy? I am in love with Spock)
  • Backend: reactive technologies for JVM like Vert.x 3.x/4.x (this is most probably why you are on this page), and Spring Boot/Spring Webflux, Ktor, Micronaut
  • Frontend: all about Vue 2.x/3.x and React
  • Databases: NoSQL (Mongo, Couch), SQL (MySQL, Postgresql) and Redis

I recommend you to contact me first to be sure I could help you.